GMP and GDP Certification Programme

OBJECTIVES OF GMP CERTIFICATION Highly qualified personnel are a crucial factor within the field of GMP-compliant manufacturing of APIs, drugs and medical devices. College and university education provide a scientific basis which needs to be completed. A continuous advanced training is therefore essential. This is where the ECA Academy’s Certification Programme fills the space. This programme offers modular training with an industry-known certification at the end. Its structure respects companies’ interests, i.e. professionals can- 1. select courses according to their individual professional demands 2. Suit the course registration to their and their companies’ needs. Usually there are several months between the courses in the individual programmes. However, if there are two courses too close to each other, one course can be attended in the following year. 3. By taking part in an education course, attendees become ECA members. Thus, apart from receiving the GMP Guideline Manager CD-ROM, they also benefit from a 200 EUR discount on future courses during the following two years. With every further course they attend, they also extend their membership for another 2 years and are of course eligible for further discounts during those years.